DIY: Christmas Instagram Gift Tags

I love having fun with instagram photos (do you follow me already @darkroomdearly?) and coming up with brilliant new ways to get crafty with them, like my Polaroid coasters. So of course I was super excited to see fellow blogger Bonnie of {going home to roost} post a really awesome instagram Christmas craft on her blog!

{instagram gift tags via going home to roost}

By utilizing your own instagram photos (or hers, which she also provided for you!) you can create gift tags for your Christmas gifts that look classy and festive all at the same time!

{photo via going home to roost}

How cute are these??

I had fun making my own with some of the PCT photos I took this summer. (Not very Christmassy, I know, but they still make for great pictures and tags!)

You can print them to sticker paper and attach them directly to your gift, or print to cardstock and use fancy ribbon or twine to tie them to your wrapped present. These cute tags will give any gift some definite Christmas flair!

Bonnie has graciously put several different file formats of these gift tags for upload so you can choose which suits you best.

Visit her page to download them for free!

 Enjoy! (And get tagging quick... Christmas is almost here!!)

I hope everyone has a merry holiday. I will see you again on Friday!