A Frozen Gorge

Last weekend was the last of my free time before work kicks in full swing (and I say goodbye to vacations for the foreseeable future). I utilized it by heading into the Columbia Gorge with a new group of friends I met on an outdoor Meetup site. My knees are finally starting to feel a little stronger after hobbling around on them for two months, so I decided to put them to the test with a small four mile hike. It was also the first time I would get to see the gorge in the middle of winter - a real treat!

The hike was one I've done before - Horsetail, Ponytail, and Triple Falls (seen previously here and here) - but with a fresh layer of snow and ice it was a different experience entirely. I've never seen waterfalls so large with so much ice, and the result was beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take my nice camera along (since I already had hundreds of photos of this hike... why would I want more?... Right?) but upon seeing the snow (and killer icicles!!) I wished I had brought it. Instead, I snapped some shots with my phone and enjoyed a lovely afternoon on the trail with some new friends.

After two miles the trail became too icy to traverse and we had to turn back prematurely. Instead of going home, we stopped by the incomparable Multnomah Falls, and I got to see her in all her winter glory. Stunning.

Have a great weekend!