Day Eighty

Today's miles: 7
Total miles: 1726

We packed up and left camp at 8:00 this morning. My feet were still aching from yesterday's 29 mile slack pack, but we only had seven miles to go today to reach the town of Ashland, and it would be a much needed reprieve from trail. Though the trail was downhill, I was limping and tired the whole way and very excited to reach Callahan's Lodge, a very lovely resort right off the PCT. The owner was very kind and invited me inside and offered a place to put my pack and a spot for breakfast.

I joined Treekiller and Sunshine at a table and we ordered the hiker special - all you can eat pancakes and eggs. We were joined by Watson and a Southbounder named Vogue who gave us some great intel about all the places we had yet to visit in northern Oregon and Washington.

After eating we caught a ride into Ashland and were dropped off at the post office. Treekiller and Sunshine had packages to pick up, but I didn't, so I wandered around downtown, suddenly feeling a bit lost and alone. Not sure what to do, I headed toward the library with Vogue and ran into Sneaks and his friends Mudd and Dingo, who were trying to catch a hitch to their hotel down the road. I joined them and got my own room at the Rodeway Inn, where I took a much needed shower and changed into my town clothes. I texted Treekiller and Sunshine, offering to share the hotel room, and soon after Aloha, Vogue, and his friend Burrito Grande asked to share the hotel, as well. We piled everyone in the room, gathered up loads of laundry to do at the laundromat next door and went out for dinner.

Across the street was a bar with karaoke night, and since Aloha loved karaoke, it was quickly a gathering spot for the evening. Bryan, Katie, Watson, Sneaks, Mudd, Dingo, Vogue, Burrito Grande, Sunshine, Treekiller and I were all there, cheering for all the singers and especially for Aloha's perfect rendition of the Barenaked Ladies' One Week. Giddyup and Wocka Wocka were staying at a friend's house for the evening, but the rest of us were in the hotel in various rooms.

My hotel room, which started out housing only me, ended up with six people in it, Aloha and Sunshine on the floor. We had a hilarious evening after karaoke watching Remember the Titans on the Spike channel (The boys were all enthralled and slightly emotional about the movie, and I joked, "why is this on Spike?? Shouldn't it be on Lifetime?!" Treekiller snorted, "and this from the girl in the room!!") and the last half of Titanic in Spanish. (Is it sad I still remembered all the words, so it felt like I suddenly understood Spanish?)

We fell asleep at 1:00 am, way past hiker midnight.