Lost Lake Butte Trail

On our second day at Lost Lake, Tanner and I decided to go on a hike.

The options included a lazy, winding three mile trail that looped around the lake with no elevation gain, or a hike that climbed 1,700 feet in two miles.

"Let's do that one!" I said.
Tanner gave me an annoyed look while he read the description aloud: "not for the faint of heart, this trail climbs a strenuous 1700 feet in two miles, but the views are worth the effort. I hope you ate your Wheaties!"
"See?" I said. "Sounds perfect."

I think he would have left me sitting at the base of the trailhead right then, but somehow I talked him into it, and we trudged our way up a steep mountain for an hour and a half.

The views were worth the climb, and the trip back only took us twenty minutes!

So ended a very relaxing weekend (minus that hike...)