In Which We Find Ourselves at Lost Lake

Ah, Lost Lake. What can I say?

Tanner and I each had four days off work this week, only two of which overlapped (we may have planned that poorly... hmm...) so we capitalized on our time off together by jetting off to a small lake in the middle of the Mt. Hood wilderness, lush with campsites right along the water.

We spent the first day lounging in kayaks soaking up the sun, and I kept repeating to Tanner over and over,

Can we buy a lakehouse?... I need to own a lakehouse... 

Water is my soul element. There's nothing on this earth that can tear me down so long as I have a boat, a lake or a pool to submerge in. It makes me whole. I seem to forget this fact until I am around water again; even Tanner was amused watching me stand waist-deep in a freezing cold lake, totally at peace with the world.

What I mean to say is, my superhero power would totally be Waterbending. (Ahem... sorry... nerdy Avatar reference.)

Anyway, I think these photos pretty much speak for themselves. Almost every shot I took had some version of my bare feet propped up in a lounging position. And can we not forget that breathtaking view of the mountain? Yes, please.