The Ten Waterfalls of Silver Falls State Park

The sun has been shining in Portland! We've been trying to soak it up all we can, but the one day last week Tanner and I had off together, it rained. Of course.

Still, hiking in Portland is gorgeous no matter the weather. And rain makes everything so amazingly green. I can't get over it. My friend the other day was describing the beautifully mountainous corners of Oregon and said: "it's like 'effing Narnia!" It was hilarious at the time she said it, but I can't dispute that yes, there are parts of Oregon that feel like you just dunked your head in the center of a C.S. Lewis novel.

Now, the adventure we went on was more of an allusion to... erm... *cough* Twilight *cough* than Narnia, but hey, I guess that reference still does it justice. I mean, if I say Twilight you start thinking of giant mossy trees, misty meadows, raging waterfalls and sparkly vampires, right? Just subtract the vampires and you've basically got Silver Falls State Park. (Actually, I can't be absolutely sure there weren't sparkly vampires, so don't quote me on that.)

We did the Trail of Ten Waterfalls, which was eight miles and... you guessed it... ten waterfalls long. I brought my new 50mm lens and very quickly learned that a portrait lens was the incorrect choice for a waterfall hike. I had to keep backing up to try and get the entire waterfall into one shot, and there's only so much backing up you can do before you fall over a cliff. Whoops. But I still managed some nice close-up shots and a lot of the back of Tanner's head. (He's camera shy. Or... artistically pensive. It's a toss up.)

Without further ado, here are the adventure photos for today. Keep a sharp eye out for vampire photo bombs.