Darkroom and Dearly Goes Viral

Well, my little blog has had a fun couple of days this week!

Apparently, on one slow and rainy day this weekend, someone decided to pin my post about {organizing your t-shirt drawer} on Pinterest. And then someone else saw it, thought it was cool, and pinned it, too. And then someone else pinned that. And again... and again.... and, you get the picture.

And then I signed in to Blogger on Saturday all non-nonchalantly and wondered why my stats counter looked all weird. Usually it has this graph line that goes up and down in modest numbers, but this time it looked like a mountain peak.

So I thought, "well, obviously Blogger stats is broken."

So I signed into Google Analytics and saw this:

And I was like, "holy crap, 804 people in one day? THAT'S THE BIGGEST NUMBER I'VE EVER SEEN." (I tend to exaggerate sometimes.)

Then I did a funny little victory dance and laughed and punched the air all karate-like and said, "WOO-HOO!" But we all know how Pinterest is... after a day people go back to pinning stuff about working out and ice cream sundaes and Ryan Gosling. So I didn't think much of it.

And then on Sunday my stats counter looked like this:

And I said: "AHHHHHHHHHHH! 9,407!"

followed by: "wow, who knew there were so many Pinterest lovers in Texas?"

(It would not have been my first guess.)

Because I was curious, I went onto Pinterest and tried to figure out exactly what was going on, here. The first thing I saw was an acquaintance of mine who had pinned my post from someone totally random. And that someone random had 300,000 followers and it had been pinned by other people 240 times. (my favorite pin comment called the t-shirt folding thing a "freaking magical idea" haha) And that was just one pin. There was a link to "other pins by Darkroom and Dearly" and it sent me {here}, where there were hundreds more...

That's when I knew I had gone PINTEREST VIRAL.

Because then Monday looked like this:

Yeah. That's 20,000. HOLLA. :)

And here's my week via Blogger stats (notice that everything before the 16th doesn't even register on the chart anymore.....):

So... um... my point here is.... I guess I should introduce myself to all you 30,000+ people who have recently stumbled upon my blog.  HELLO 30,000 PEOPLE! Thanks for being such good Pinterest connoisseurs and stalking my DIY posts and leaving me little notes and comments. It makes me feel special. And I like that I have crafty stalkers, because you're way handier with colored paper and a pair of scissors than regular stalkers. (They suck at scrapbooking.)

Also, it's way easier to stalk me through these sites (you know you want to.)

Or you can read a little more about me {here.}

See you Friday! Since you all seem to love DIY crafts so much, I've got another fun one planned. Stay tuned! :)