Snowstorms, Birthdays, and Giant Cupcakes

Hello lovely readers! I had a fabulous birthday weekend, thanks for asking! I have to say, though, I'm at that age where birthdays are starting to get strange. For the past year or so I've run into an odd realization: I'm starting to forget how old I am. When people ask, I have to think for a second before answering. Wait, am I 27 or 28? It's come to the point where I have to do math in my head, just to be sure. 

Now that I'm officially 28, I find it unnerving that I'm almost 30. Isn't 30 that age where you're supposed to have life figured out, and stuff? I mean, all my friends are starting to get married, or having kids, or have real jobs, and half the time I feel like I still tell people, when I grow up, I want to be an artist and travel the world.

Ah, well. There's still plenty of time to cast off the "real world" and go exploring.

Speaking of exploring, this weekend Tanner and I hopped in the car and spent a few days up in rainy, lovely Washington. Our weekend was full of traveling, skiing, and visiting family that I haven't seen in a long time. I mean, like ten years. Crazy. It was fun to visit my aunt and my cousins, who I remember being little kids and are now in high school and college. Birthdays serve to remind us how quickly time flies...

Photo recap time! The first set is from Saturday when Tanner and I skied at Crystal Mountain -- a gorgeous resort, with towering mountains all around that cup you in an expansive bowl of snow and slope. So different from Mount Hood's open face, and so beautiful. The second set is our trip north of Seattle to visit family and their adorable home along the foggy, misty shores of Puget Sound.

It's my cousin Audrey's birthday this week too, so my aunt made us a giant cupcake to celebrate. (Yes, that is a regular dinner-sized plate.) Winning!

P.S.- this is the gift Tanner got me for my birthday. He was totally clever and went to my favorites page on my Etsy site to find this gorgeous mug that I have been talking about for weeks. It came all adorably wrapped and with a note from the artist for my birthday. I'm in love! (With Tanner, too!) ;)