Fresh Tracks in 14 Inches

Even when work and errands and taxes and my Etsy shop seems to be taking up most of my time lately, one still needs a moment to get out and enjoy the day. (Especially in rainy Portland, where a nice day is worth celebrating!)

This week Elizabeth and I went on our favorite day-trip getaway up to Mt Hood. The weather was gorgeous and since it just snowed 14 inches the night before, the powder was pure bliss. It was like magic under my skis. Seriously. Is there anything better?

We ventured off our favorite runs and took a new lift to the top-ish of the mountain (7,000 feet, anyway) where the clouds were softly hovering, looking like a misty cowl draped over the mountain top. It was completely lovely until we got caught in the middle of it and couldn't see two feet in front of our noses. Skiing in a whiteout? Yeah, we did that.

Here's the day's photo recap. Some of these shots look better bigger, so click on them for the full effect. My favorite is the very last one: the dark shapes of skiers silhouetted against the rolling clouds. I almost fell off my skis and dropped my camera trying to stop and grab that shot. Totally worth it. :)