Ski Holiday

We skied on Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful. On the east coast, a ski trip is a highly-planned and highly-anticipated affair, the result of months of planning, culminating into one all-too-short-and-expensive getaway weekend.

Now that we live in Oregon, a "ski trip" is only a short hour drive away, and can be repeated as often as we please throughout the season... I'm still getting used to that. How novel! And so, not two days later from our first trip to the slopes, we had another day off work and arrived there again, still a bit sore and still a lot excited. This is hardly routine, yet. This is still new and fresh and delightful. Skiing whenever we want? On every day off if we choose?

Yes, please.

The weather was warm, the sky was sunny, and we kept screaming over and over at the snowy, gorgeous mountain, we can't believe we live here!