New Stamps!

I decided not too long ago that I wanted to make the packaging on my orders more fun and handmade. A postage stamp and an address label alone didn't quite cut it for me... the envelope was definitely missing that "special something." I know I love receiving a package in the mail that has been lovingly created by someone, right down to the twine ribbon and colorful washi tape, so why not create that in my own packages, too?

I decided that what they needed was a little "stamp pizzaz" and immediately went on the hunt for the perfect rubber stamp designs. Unfortunately, after days of hunting, I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I was discouraged, and on the point of settling with a design I didn't love, when suddenly I was struck by a moment of insightful creativity: I could design my own!

This idea should have struck me much sooner, of course, since I can draw... but I never considered turning one of my own designs into a rubber stamp. But why not? The idea was intriguing.

So I scribbled up some designs, giggled to myself, and uploaded them to an online stamp manufacturer, who created and delivered them to my house only a few days after placing the order. Magic!

And what do you know? They turned out great!

I love them, and I think they give my packages a little extra "something." That's what buying homemade is all about, amIright?

So pardon me while I go a little stamp crazy... and ignore the ink stains on my fingers, please. :)