Day Eighty Three

Today's miles: 28
Total miles: 1766

Katie and I left camp at 7:00 and had a very enjoyable hike today over very rolling terrain. It was hot and humid today but I was feeling good and enjoyed a new treat on my iPhone: audio books. I downloaded one of my favorites, Pride and Prejudice, and thoroughly enjoyed engrossing myself in the story again.

We stopped for lunch with the group of kids: Leaky, Moonshine, Sagi, Horny Toad and Lullaby. We joked about pooping and pee rags all lunch, which proved once again that thru-hikers get the most enjoyment out of the most ridiculous topics. I texted Sunshine and found out that he and Treekiller had tried to catch up to us last night but had stopped a few miles before our campsite. The two of them were dragging today and were five miles behind at lunch. I gave them an estimate of where we'd be tonight and said I hoped they'd catch up. He said they'd try.

Katie and I were feeling good all afternoon and cruised through the landscape at a good clip. So far all the thru-hikers were really enjoying Oregon; it was visually pretty and mostly flat, so big miles were easy to accomplish. We had decided on a campsite with water around 24 miles in, but we arrived at the early hour of 5pm, so instead of staying we cooked dinner, loaded up our water bladders, and continued on another four miles. We left behind a note for Sunshine and Treekiller to let them know we had decided to hike further. We ended up doing 28 miles for the day and learned later that poor Sunshine and Treekiller had hiked until 9:30 that night trying to catch us.