Day Fifty Four

Today's miles: 0
Total miles: 789

We considered trying to hike out today, but since we had a long day yesterday trying to get to town and didn't make it in until early evening, we were really yearning for a true day off. It always feels strange to take a zero day from the trail, though, so we wrestled with our consciences all morning until Rotisserie sealed our decision: some friends of hers were offering to pay for our breakfast and another night at the hotel, should we chose to stay. We did.

As it turned out, the Chain Gang was taking a zero day, too, so it was hard to pass up spending more time with them. Katie, Rotisserie, Sansei and I went to breakfast at Denny's and then did our resupply at a local grocery store nearby. I couldn't believe how ridiculous our hotel room looked afterward: there was gear and food everywhere, so much so that it didn't seem possible that it all fit in our backpacks. How could we pack so light and still have so much stuff?

We bought our favorite indulgences to stock the hotel fridge: chocolate milk, cookies, apples, bananas, and breads and pastries from the local bakery.

Other than resupplying, we were pretty lazy all day. There's nothing better than enjoying a day off hiking and doing absolutely nothing in town. We did a little more shopping, caught up on some blogging and TV watching, and went out to happy hour later in the evening. The four of us stayed up late again watching movies until we fell asleep.