2013 Mother's Day Cards

Sorry about today's late post. Yesterday was my birthday so I was spending it completely unplugged from blogging, twitter, facebook, my shop, etc, and it was wonderful. As such, I'm a little behind for this week's posts. (Birthday recap to come!)

For today, I'm introducing you to some new additions to my shop... Mother's Day cards! I know they're a little early, but many of these cards can be used for birthdays or other special events that you want to send your mom a card for, so I don't feel bad about rolling these out in March. There are a couple funny ones and a couple sentimental... the funny ones crack me up, but maybe I'm the only one? Or is it just my mom who leaves long voicemails that may or may not involve her trying to get the cat to say hello? Oh, moms. We love you. :)

Click on any of the photos for more details in the shop!