Christmas Eve Mountains: Part One

Over the Christmas holiday, Tanner and I and our friends Jason and Elizabeth rented a cabin on Mt Hood. This is our second annual tradition, as we live 3,000 miles away from our families, and taking time off over the holidays is very difficult for us. Last year we had a spectacular holiday complete with a snowshoe-journey backcountry-cabin, and a snowy, white Christmas ski day.

This year we rented a different cabin (one that didn't take us an hour to hike to) and spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day on the slopes of Mt. Hood. Christmas Eve was absolutely the best day of skiing I've had since I moved here: bluebird skies, perfectly powdery snow and hardly any crowds. The groom was so soft and smooth that there were times I couldn't even feel it under my skis - it felt like I was floating through air currents with nothing to limit my speed. It was glorious.

There's something about the stark whiteness of snow on a brilliantly sunny day that makes it just deadly beautiful, wouldn't you say?