DIY: Tabletop Christmas Tree

It's the holiday season again, and time to get crafty! Today's craft, to kick off the season, is a Christmas tree table decoration:

{tabletop christmas tree}

Supplies needed

Three small ceramic plant pots of descending sizes (I used one 4 1/2" diameter, one 3 1/2", and one 2 3/4") 
Decorative candlestick
White acrylic paint and paintbrush
Decorative embellishments (such as twine, stars, glitter, etc)

This is a very easy craft to put together, and the best part is that you can change subtle details about each tree to make a whole forest of unique decorations!

Gather your supplies from craft stores or a thrift shop. I visited Goodwill for this project and managed to get 6 different ceramic pots for $0.50 each, and a couple of unique candlesticks for $1.00 each. It should be pretty easy to find these basic second-hand supplies at your local thrift store. Can't beat it!

First begin by placing down some newspaper on your work surface to protect it from paint. Paint your pots with the white acrylic (or any other color you choose).

 I painted several coats (drying in between) before the paint covered the ceramic well enough. I did the rims of the pots last so I wasn't constantly putting my thumbs in wet paint.

This project works well with three pots stacked together, but I happened to find something unique in my trip to the thrift store: a small metal pot with stars punched in the sides. Since it was exactly the same size as my middle-sized pot, I decided to use it, instead.

Once your pots are painted, you can either decorate them with some glue and glitter, or leave them as-is for a more minimal approach. Stack your pots carefully upside-down on top of your chosen candlestick and decorate to your heart's content.

I considered putting ornaments or a star on top of my tree, but ultimately decided that I liked the stark white-and-silver look without embellishments.

A quick note: you can glue your stacked pots together if you like, but I didn't. They stay together quite well on their own, and this makes the tree easy to disassemble after the holidays.

Have fun! I'd love to see the unique iterations you come up with!