McNeil Point... Deja Vous All Over Again

Soooo... you know that trip I took to Crater Lake at the end of September? The one where I took 600+ photos in four days? I'm still trying to go through and edit/ discard duplicates/ keep my favorites, so I'm totally NOT going to share them today (sorry). I realize I should have been finished with this task weeks ago, but what can I say? I'm a slacker. ;)

On the upside, while I work on that, I have photos from a hike my mom and I took on her last day here. She wanted to see Mt. Hood all week, so I took her up to McNeil Point, my personal favorite Mt. Hood view in Oregon. I realize that you've already seen photos from this hike in {this post}, but... I can't help it. The photos of this mountain are too damn gorgeous. I have to share again.

Plus, it was a blue-sky no-clouds perfect kind of day AND I totally remembered my polarizing filter this time. I KNOW. Crazy. (I'm always forgetting that thing in "my other camera bag." Typical.) Hence why the sky finally came out nice and saturated like it's supposed to be.

Enjoy.... Again. ;)