I Know a Place Where Dreams are Born...

I really like doing custom orders. They tend to be time consuming, which is why I don't advertise them in my shop, but it's always fun to do one or two here and there as people ask for them. I get in creative ruts sometimes and can't think of any new ideas, so when someone gives me a brilliant suggestion, it's all I can do not to hunker down with my sketch book and spend the rest of the day drawing.

I've had a few custom orders lately that I thought I'd share with you.

The first came from a girl who ordered a couple of my cards a few weeks back. She asked if I had any Peter Pan drawings. I didn't, which surprised even me because Peter Pan is one of my very favorite books, fairy tales, movie, you name it.

She asked if I wouldn't mind making some prints of some of her favorite Peter Pan quotes, so of course I jumped on the opportunity.

I felt like a little kid drawing these, and Kenny Loggin's Neverland Medley kept playing over and over in my head all the while.

These prints were final drafts. The first drawings I made were more "cartoony": a little more like the cards I draw in my shop. After discussing options and figuring out what her vision for the prints was, we scrapped the first set and ended up with the ones you see above.

However, I had so much fun giggling over the first set that I couldn't help but add them to my shop:

The next custom order was for an iteration of my Han and Leia "I love you" card, with R2D2, instead. I liked the idea so much I couldn't resist making it a permanent spot in my shop.

Yeah, I'm a total Star Wars dork.

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one. :)