Wine Tasting is Just Like the Movies, Really.

Anyone out there a wine connoisseur? I'm definitely not. Unfortunately, my knowledge of wine is limited to the $10 bottles from the grocery store and images of Keanu Reeves stomping around in grape barrels in A Walk in the Clouds.


Oh - and does it make me a total dork for adding The Parent Trap as another super cute vineyard movie? I mean, that's when Lindsey Lohan was a precocious, wide-eyed cutie, before she got all crazy and rehabilitated and stuff. And who doesn't love Dennis Quaid and the lovely late Natasha Richardson?

Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Booze.

So though I'm not much of a wine-buff (though I've always wanted to live amongst beautiful vineyards) I figured while my sister was in town, she might enjoy a wine tasting. She lived in Florence for a semester in college and relished the food and wine culture they have there. She's also a great cook, so that's right up her alley. I've suggested she live with me for free if she would just cook all the time, but she hasn't taken me up on that offer, yet. We're still working on the particulars.

Though the wine tasting was for her benefit, I had a good time, too. We visited some beautiful vineyards south of Portland, complete with blazing sunshine, colorful gardens, and a rolling mountain landscape that I could have sworn dropped us in the heart of California.

We sampled five different wines and chatted with the hostess (who looked and sounded just like Carol Burnett, no joke! I'm tempted to believe that running a wine shop in northern Oregon is her part-time gig in the off season) while enjoying the view. I decided that my favorite sample was the sweet, syrupy dessert wine. Nom nom nom.

I know, I'm definitely not sophisticated enough for the subtleties of wine tasting. :)

(P.S. - A special shout-out to Tanner, who was our DD for the day. If you hadn't guessed already, I'm a total lightweight.) ;)

Doesn't that hammock look like the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon?

Speaking of summer... I'm sorry to do this to you, but I'm taking another mini break from da blog (shorter than last time, I swear!) I have another visitor in town this weekend, so I'll be off gallivanting around Portland for a few days. You can't blame me. Gallivanting in the summertime is way more enticing than sitting at my computer. Plus, doesn't it make for good photos? :)