Wahclella Falls.... Again!

Wahclella Falls is one of my very favorite waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge. I've been there fifty five times already this year.

Just kidding. This is a total exaggeration, folks. I've really only done this hike six times in two years, but there are hundreds of hikes to do in the Portland area, and I try not to repeat myself, so hitting any of them more than once (much less six times!) is really something. In fact, you've already seen me post about this hike twice. Here and here. And guess what? You're about to see me post about it again. Can we say it together? HOORAY! (Sarcasm?)

This hike is beeeeautiful and only 2 miles long, making it the perfect afternoon jaunt with a dash of gorgeousness. We went on a hot, steamy day, the kind that makes you not want to hike very far. But the best thing about this waterfall is that it's tucked into a mossy, fecund gorge wrapped in high stone walls. As soon as you turn the bend into this magical place, you get a blast of cold, water-soaked air in your face. Natural air conditioning. Love it. I could seriously sit here all day.