Arm Paaaaaaar-tay!

If you've been checking out some of my posts earlier this month, you've probably heard me mention the Arm Party, as hosted by {yellow heart art} and {much love, illy}.

Over the past month or so 100 bloggers paired up, swapped info, and got crafty! We've been living in the grade-school throw-back memories of when friendship bracelets were the bomb.

While I was busy making {macrame bracelets} and {nautical Turk's Heads} for my swappin' buddy Ashley (her adorable blog is {the sweet ashley life}... check it out!), she sent me some of her own crafty bracelets. Now that they've arrived safe and sound in my mailbox, I'd love to share her creations with you!

How cute is that envelope? :) She sent along a little card that said she saw from my blog that I am an outdoorsy person (heh heh yup!) and so she tried to make the bracelets in earth tones to match. I was so touched by her perceptive thoughtfulness! :)

Aren't they just lovely? I just love the charm bracelet and the turquoise one with the beads braided in... I stared at that thing for 20 minutes just trying to figure out how she did it. So clever! :)

By the way, you can see her post about the bracelets I made for her {here}.

Thanks, Ashley! And thanks to Leonora and Illy for putting together such a fun Arm Party! We're linking up all the crafty bracelet-ness today, so check out this link to see the rest of the DIY awesomeness: