Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

I got this recipe from my friend Elizabeth, who found it on Pinterest, which is the source of all good things in the world. It's a healthy way to make yourself some ice cream when you're craving something sweet but don't want to eat a lot of calories late at night. I also discovered that it's incredibly easy to make, and my version is only a slight variation from my chocolate banana smoothies!

{chocolate banana ice cream}

There are only three steps:

1. Freeze a few unpeeled, ripe bananas
2. Put a frozen banana and a splash of chocolate almond (or soy) milk in the blender
3. Blend until consistency is creamy

I'm amazed how much this tastes like ice cream, despite that I know it is bananas. Really, the only difference between this version and my smoothie is that you're making it with significantly less milk. (You only want to put just enough to wet the bananas.) I kept adding it in small doses until I had the desired consistency.

The original recipe calls to make this dessert with cocoa powder and a splash of milk, but I figured chocolate almond milk was just killing two birds with one stone. Next I'm going to try adding in some more fruits, like strawberries, to mix up the flavors.

Either way, it's so delicious that I made a large batch last night and ended up eating three banana's worth of ice cream in one sitting. Now I'm not going to poop for a week, but it was totally worth it.