DIY: Pop-Up Christmas Card

Pop-up cards are always delightful: the more intricate, the more amazing. I may not have the patience for a paper-cutting masterpiece, but it does make me giggle irrepressibly to create simple pop-up cards of my own.

Here's a particularly adorable one I'd love to share with you this season. And best yet -- it's a simple craft that anyone can make!

{pop-up christmas tree card}

First, cut out two pieces of heavy cardstock, one white and one green, 5 1/2 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches long. Fold them in half to create cards.

Turn the white piece of cardstock over so that the fold is pointed toward you ("mountain" fold). Draw half of a tree shape on the left side of the fold. I drew scalloped branches for each branch tier.

Fold the card in half and cut along the scalloped lines. Fold the cut along the straight edge of your tree drawing. Do this for each section until all are complete.

Now, flip your card over and "pop out" the sections of your tree, one by one. Refold your creases to make them sharp.

Paste your white card onto your green cardstock to make a complete card.

Decorate your tree if you like, or leave it white and snowy. Whip up a holiday greeting and send this lovely card off to friends and family!