Stir Fry Baby Bok Choy

CSA day is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week! I love seeing that brown box on my doorstep when I get home from work, knowing the bright, colorful deliciousness inside. I could cheat and look at the contents online, but it feels so much more like Christmas when I'm surprised each week. I squeal with delight every time I pull something new out of the box.

I also love that this costs me $27 every two weeks and all I have to go to the grocery store for is cereal and milk. (And bread when I'm too lazy to bake any!) One of these days I'd love to add milk and eggs to my CSA, but currently my schedule is so odd that I'm afraid of it sitting too long on my doorstep if I work late that night. For now, this box is perfect.

This week's squeal-worthy item? Fresh blueberries!

I'm really missing the spring onion from the last drop (my mouth is watering just thinking about the sweet flavor) but this week's bin leaves no room for regrets. Here's the stash:

1 pt Blueberries
2 Peaches (!!)
1 pkg Padron Chile Peppers
2 Oranges
2 bunches Broccoli
1 lb Zucchini
1 Mediterranean Cucumber
1 head of Lettuce
1/2 lb Green Beans
1 lb Baby Bok Choy
1 lb Potatoes
1/2 lb Tomatoes
2 ears of Corn

P.S. - I would also like to add that I had such an overabundance of food from last drop (even though I only get them every two weeks...) that I had to downgrade to a smaller bin so food wouldn't go to waste. Can you believe that this is the small bin?? It's still so much food! I'm pretty stoked about it, though. I can see yummy salads and sandwiches in my near future. Even Tanner is excited about the blueberries, potatoes and corn!

And, once again, I have to find some new recipes to add to my cache. How to cook Bok Choy, for instance? I gave it a go last night, after watching this {awesome video}, just to be sure I had the technique correct and didn't accidentally poison myself.

Here's the recipe:
{stir fried baby bok choy}

4 bunches of baby bok choy
2 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves garlic
2 tsp ground ginger
Salt to taste

Actually, these amounts are approximate. I just added as much garlic, ginger, and salt as I thought appropriate, and it seemed to work out. Good luck with that.

To prepare bok choy: wash thoroughly. Chop off the ends of the stalks and remove any leaves that are brown or wilting.

Peel the pieces apart and chop the stalks into pieces, separating them from the leaves.

In a fry pan or wok, add the olive oil, garlic, ginger and bok choy stalks. Turn the stove top to medium high heat and flash fry the pieces for a minute or two. Add the leaves and toss in the olive oil mixture. Cook for another three to four minutes, or until the stalks turn transparent and the leaves wilt. Add salt to taste.

Conclusion? Bok choy is my new favorite food. Sooooo yummy. It tastes like really good Chinese food, especially with a healthy dose of salt and garlic to give it that flavorful punch. Now that I've devoured my stash, I'm kind of sad I don't have any more for tomorrow.

To compliment the bok choy, I made a simple sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes from my bin, plus cheese and a dash of basil. Delightful.

See you for my next food adventure!