A Trip to the Zoo

Tanner, Elizabeth and I all had a day off together this week, so we decided to explore a new corner of Portland. Lately we've been working so much that we've been missing out on the gorgeous, sunny and cool Pacific Northwest summers, and that needed to be remedied.

Unfortunately, our day off happened to be cold, overcast and rainy. Go figure. I was told it didn't rain in Portland after July 5, so I would like to know to whom I should file a complaint?

Actually, I'm just so stoked that it isn't 97 degrees and humid like North Carolina summers, that I could care less if it's raining. A pullover and jacket in the middle of July? Yes, please.

After walking around downtown (and finding some absolutely delicious truffle-oil french fries and veggie burgers... YUM) we chose to spend a good portion of our day visiting the zoo! I'm not going to lie... we may have been as excited as little schoolgirls on a field trip. Visiting the zoo always puts one in childlike happy spirits, don't you think?

Here's the photo recap of our adventures. I personally like the photos of Elizabeth and Tanner acting like bears, although the last few silhouetted shots are some of my favorites. I'm totally in love with taking the perfect back-lit photo. :)