Horsetails and Ponytails

While my sister was here she got a taste of what life is like in Oregon when the sun shines -- and on her birthday, too! The following day, however, we were back to overcast skies and a dark, damp feel to the earth. We went hiking, nonetheless, hiking into the mossy wilderness to visit Horsetail, Ponytail, and Triple Falls.

Though it didn't rain, the air was crisp, cool and damp, and I discovered for the first time that I actually like hiking on cloudy days. Though sunny days afford us beautiful views here, the sun can be (surprisingly) blinding and hot, and it does much to wash out the beautiful green color that permeates everything here.

On overcast days, the air is cool and refreshing, perfect for a warm hike, and the smell of rain is everywhere. If I close my eyes I'm reminded of memories as a young girl: waking up in a cozy tent, the cold air hitting my nose as I push open the door; the smell of dew on the grass in the morning; the breeze off the water as I wake before dawn and push my canoe into the lake; the scent of rain on the earth after a loud, evening thunderstorm. All of these memories are tied to the strong, rich scent of water and earth, and nothing brings back those memories stronger than a drizzly day here among the mosses.

We had lunch beside Triple Falls and hiked out again, leaving soft footprints in the damp earth.