Booted, Outfitted and Ready to Go

My dad has been here visiting for the past few days, and I've discovered that not only is it helpful to have a visitor's guide lying around the house, but it's nice to have an over-abundance of outdoor gear stashed in the closet.

We decided to go on a hiking trip into the gorge yesterday and my dad tried to leave the house wearing jeans, a long-sleeved cotton shirt and a pair of beat-up tennis shoes. After rummaging through all the clothes, packs, gear and shoes that Tanner and I own, I properly outfitted my dad with a pair of quick-dry zip-off pants, a long underwear top and fleece pullover, raincoat, wool socks, waterproof hiking boots, and a daypack with a raincover. It seems that my make-shift bed and breakfast is also turning into an outfitting shop! All I need is a couple boats to rent and we'll be all set!

We took a hike to Wahclella and Elowah Falls again, being that they are my new favorite, quick and easy, beautiful hikes. Though the weather has been sunny all week, it was overcast and slightly drizzly today, which I have since decided is the perfect hiking weather. Not too hot, with a nice, cool breeze, the damp smell of earth filling your senses, and the glow of greenery all around you. Gotta love the NorthWest!