My Two Loves

When Tanner arrived in town on Thursday, we did what any couple would do together when they've been apart for a month: we organized the closets.

I know, you're thinking I'm a horrible girlfriend. But you wouldn't think such things if you saw the state of our closets, now. They are beautiful. The guest bedroom closet used to be a tangled mess (imagine those movies where someone opens a door and things start spilling out on top of them... it was kind of like that) and now is nicely organized for any outdoor adventure we might undertake. Two days ago it was a death-defying crawl into an outdoor storage unit just to retrieve a folding chair.

Of course, the end result of cleaning the closets is, inevitably, a very messy house. I spent all day cleaning every room, in anticipation for Tanner's arrival, and ten minutes later it was a complete wreck again. Go figure...

But the results paid off, since yesterday I was off work and Tanner and I hit the trails for the afternoon. The weather managed to give us a little bit of everything: hard rain, misty rain, freezing cold, warm sun, and thick, puffy clouds that floated by all day long. It was actually the perfect combination, because for most of the day, we hiked beneath a soft fuzz of mist with the sun shining through the clouds. With the waterfalls cascading over the top of the cliffs as we walked beneath them, it was a very magical hike.

And Tanner loved it. As he put it: "this is hands-down the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, except for you."

Hey, he's nothing if not cheesy. :)