Wahkeena Means "Most Beautiful"

Since my apartment was devoid of furniture and things to do, we found ways to amuse ourselves in this new locale. Not fifteen minutes from my home lies the well known and beautiful Multnomah Falls, but alongside this gorgeous gusher is Wahkeena Falls and Horsetail Falls, two equally breathtaking waterfalls surrounded by the lush green moss you expect in Olympic National Park and the Northwest.

It was drizzling when we set out, but this only seemed to heighten the majesty of the place, making everything smell strongly of fresh moss and practically glow with the greenness of everything. Raindrops scattered through the tall trees, making us feel as though we were hidden in a rainforest, rather than merely minutes off the highway.

Having seen nothing but pavement and dark clouds since arriving in Portland, this magical forest made me realize that I have entered a fairy wonderland of beauty, and I can't wait to explore more.

Here's the first glance of photos, though even they cannot show the true beauty of Portland.