Japanese Gardens

My last day off work was only two days after I arrived, and I feel like I spent most of the day cleaning my apartment and wallowing in the recent departure of my family. From there followed four days of work, until I got another day off yesterday.

Determined to do more than stay inside all day (and Tanner tells me I'm not allowed to wallow, anymore) I planned a number of things to do outside, and fortunately the weather cooperated and kept the rain at bay. (Though it was still overcast, of course.) I hopped around town for most of the day, and even got in a little hike in the gorge (though that's a post for another day.)

Today I'm sharing how I spent the morning: I visited the Portland Japanese Gardens, taking in its lush beauty and perfect symmetry, giving a peaceful feeling of serenity, calm and balance as I walked through its running streams and carefully placed stonework. High above the city itself, it offered views of downtown Portland, and I'm sure you'd be able to see Mt. Hood on a clearer day.

Here's my journey into the gardens.