How to Leave an Awesome Tip

This little DIY project not only arrives just in time for Valentine's Day, but it'll pay back your debts with a dash of flair.

I was taught this simple origami heart by my eighth grade algebra teacher and I haven't forgotten it since. I love leaving my restaurant tips in this form and enjoying the reaction from the doorway as my waiter/waitress discovers it. Learn this little fold and start spreading some $1 love in your town!

All you'll need is a bill ($1 or $5 generally, unless you're feeling magnanimous with your tips... or have a larger debt to return) and little folding prowess.

Step One: Fold your bill in half, creating a good crease down the middle.

 Step Two: Open the bill back up and fold each end into the center, meeting at the crease.

Step Three: Flip the bill over and fold the folded ends into the middle again.

Step Four: Flip the bill back over and fold each of the four corners down evenly.

Step Five: Here's the tricky part: fold each of those corners inside out by "popping" them out the other direction and refolding along the creases.

Step Six: Separate the top triangle and fold flat.

Step Seven: Fold down each of the top inside corners to create a "V."

Step Eight: Fold the top edges down flat, just so that they touch the bottom of your last folds.

Step Nine: Fold the edges over so that they touch the inside folded piece, making a "rounded" corner on the top of your heart.

Step Ten: Fold the left and right most edges in toward the center folds.

Step Eleven: Tuck the bottoms under the center folds so that it forms a sharp "V" at the bottom of your heart. Make sure you tuck it the same on either side so that the heart isn't lopsided.

Step Twelve: Turn your bill over and ta da! Your heart is complete! If you want a different pattern on the front of your heart, try doing flipping the bill to a different side when you start the origami.

Enjoy your little heart and spread the love! :)