Stitch Fix #2

Alright boys and girls, it's that time again... another Stitch Fix box!
If you've never tried Stitch Fix, check out my first post for details.

Renee C - Melisa Skirt: $48

I've been itching for a good pencil skirt, but I wasn't sure this was the one I wanted. The pattern wasn't really my style, and though it was super stretchy-comfortable, it also hugs my curves a little... too much? Plus, I couldn't figure out what I would wear with it.
While I was debating on all these probably-going-to-return-it decisions, I discovered a salmon-colored shirt in my closet that remarkably matched the skirt exactly. Paired with a wide belt, the skirt suddenly looked adorable.
Ok, Stitch Fix. You win again.

Verdict: Kept

41Hawthorne - McAdams Beaded Neckline Blouse: $58

Oh, I'm sorry Stitch Fix. Did I forget to fill out the part of my style profile that lists me as a pasty, pasty white girl? I must have, otherwise you would not send me a white tank top that does literally nothing for my complexion. Ugh. And I thought wedding dress shopping made me look pale.
Also, who in their right minds wants a see-through $58 white tank top?? Ok sure, the detailing would be cute for layering, but if you're going to layer it and cover it up, just go to Target and buy a cheap tank for $7.
In Stitch Fix's defense, this is the first item I had no trouble saying "hate it!" so they've been doing pretty darn good at nailing my style. Sometimes you gotta hate a shirt or two, because otherwise I'd be broke. True story.

Verdict: Returned

41Hawthorne - Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress: $68

Confession: I really like this dress. It fit just right and the pinky-purple color is just my style. But somehow, despite liking it, I couldn't convince myself to keep it. Why? Is it because the neckline is boring and the top looks kind of like a sports bra? Is it because I have 10 other dresses in my closet that closely resemble this one? Or is it just because this dress is missing that little bit of "intrigue" that makes it uniquely different and worth $68?
Sorry, cute dress. 

Verdict: Returned

Romolo - Austin Mini Spoon Drops Necklace: $34

When Tanner first saw this, he cried, "they look like spoooooons!"
Good job, hubby. That is, in fact, the name of the necklace!
Also, let's just announce right now that I'm a sucker for any necklace Stitch Fix sends me, apparently. I love me some jewelry and it's always the least expensive thing in the box, so if I keep it I don't lose my $20 styling fee... win win.

Also, here's your chance to see the Dita Sleeveless dress without any accessories. There's just no hiding that boring neckline. Sigh. Sorry, dress.

Verdict: Kept

Market & Spruce - Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan: $68

The fabric of this cardigan is sooooo soft. Like those jersey knit sheets that feel so nice. And when you pick it up, it weighs like 5 pounds, so it's like a snuggly winter blanket that you just want to wrap around you and take a nap.
Unfortunately, this cardigan was WAY too big. Like, voluminous. The sleeves went past my fingertips, and I have long arms. And there was just too much fabric. I couldn't keep it from looking baggy and frumpy, so back it went. It goes well with the dress though, right?

Verdict: Returned

If you feel like you want to try out Stitch Fix, I encourage you to sign up with my referral, by clicking here. It gives me a little bit of credit to spend on my next fix, and that ensures I don't look like a total hobo in normal life. Thanks, you're swell! :)