{diy: flour jars}

Do you remember my post about Repurposing Housewares, and how I wanted to turn my cabinet bookcase into a make-shift pantry?
Well, forget that. It was a good idea, but I was having a hard time finding things I wanted to fill the shelves with, and when I finally found the pretty glass containers for my flour and sugar, they ended up being too heavy to keep there.

Instead, I turned the bookshelf back into a bookshelf, filling it with coffee table books, cookbooks, and outdoor travel guides for any guest that happens to be browsing its contents. This has worked out well because Tanner and I own a lot of books. (14 boxes on our moving truck, and that was after we sold/ donated/ gave away half of them.) The bottom cabinet is still full of games, waiting to be played. Game night, anyone?

P.S.- the artwork in the dining room is going to change at some point. As much as I love Van Gogh's cafe painting, having a poster in my house makes me feel like I'm living in a dorm room. I still refuse to hang up Tanner's creepy Red Hot Chili Peppers poster, as much as he begs. (Sorry, babe.)

As for the jars, I found some lovely ones at the Container Store, and they now live happily on my kitchen bar, within easy reach of my cooking space. To label them I found some old scrapbooking tags in my paper collection, tied a ribbon through them, and labeled each appropriately. Adorable, practical, and just right for the space. Win!