Friday, March 30, 2012

{diy: organized t-shirt drawers}

Oh my goodness, you guys. Do you ever have those moments where Pinterest changes your life? I mean, really. I had (another) one of those moments yesterday.

I found a pin linking to {this post} and all my thoughts about how to organize t-shirt drawers were forever destroyed. I consider myself a pretty orderly person (and I do love organizing a drawer), but this revelation seriously had me yelling, "HOLY CRAP WHY DID I NOT DO THIS BEFORE?!"

The epiphany? Folding t-shirts in a drawer in horizontal rows instead of vertical ones so you can actually see all of your t-shirts at once. I KNOW. CRAZY.

Here's the before and after, once I dumped out my drawers and tried it out:

It's kind of embarrassing looking at the before picture, actually. I swear most of the time it looks better than that... but I get lazy.

So, in case you're not already convinced, here are reasons this technique is awesome:
1. It's ridiculously easier to find the t-shirts you want to wear because you can see all of them at once.
2. You'll start discovering t-shirts you never even knew you had because they've been shoved in the bottom of your drawer so long. (Seriously. It's like Christmas.)
3. You'll have oodles of new-found space that suddenly wasn't there before. (It's like magic!)
4. You'll be able to clean out those old ratty t-shirts you've long forgotten about. (Or turn them into something craftier...)

For me, folding shirts like this is a different method than I'm used to. It's ideal to have the pattern of the shirt facing up so you can distinguish between them. Here's a handy-dandy folding chart featuring my Mt. Washington observatory shirt so you can learn how to organize your drawers, too!

1. Lay out your shirt with the print facing up. (In this case, it's the back of the shirt)
2. Fold the shirt in half length-wise, print still facing up.
3. Fold in your sleeves (this takes an extra fold with long-sleeved shirts)
4. Fold your shirt in half width-wise, with the sleeves tucked inside the fold.
5. Fold one more time width-wise. (In this case I tucked the bottom up behind, in order to best show off the pattern.)
6. Stack shirts in rows in your drawer with the patterned fold at the top.

And there you have it. Can you believe 30 t-shirts only took up half my drawer folded this way, when before I was finding it difficult to close the drawer without shirt tails hanging out?

Sigh. Organized bliss. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{cake in a cup}

Regardless of how much food I eat at lunch/dinner, I always seem to crave something sweet afterward. Lately it's been frozen Thin Mints (soooo good) but there has been a sudden dearth of Girl Scouts in my area and I'm on my last few cookies for the season. (Noooo!)

If you're like me and love a quick, no nonsense treat that takes a minute to make and isn't high in fat or calories, this little cake does the trick. My aunt told me about it a few weeks ago and it sounded so intriguing that I had to put it to the test. I think this is one of those viral Pinterest things that really is as awesome and delicious as they say.
Are you ready? Here we go.

{cake in a cup}

All you need is two boxes of cake mix - one Angel Food and one of anything else you desire (I chose fudgey chocolate) - and to remember the mnemonic "3-2-1."

Mix the two cake powders together in a large tupperware or a large ziploc bag.
Scoop three tablespoons of the cake mix in a microwave-safe mug. Add two tablespoons of water. Mix well. Microwave the mug for one minute.
Voila! Instant mini cake!
Note: if you have a hot microwave like me, you may need to adjust your heating time. I microwaved mine for 40 seconds and it turned out perfectly.

Wait a few minutes and then turn out your cake onto a plate and eat like a little cupcake, or eat it straight out of the mug. Dress with whipped cream, chocolate, caramel, etc!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{diy: dry erase artwork}

I love Pinterest as a source of crafty inspiration. However, I think sometimes I get so carried away pinning things and surfing the internet for inspiration, that I forget to take time to actually create anything. Sound familiar? Are you guilty of this, too? ;)

I've loved {this} idea for some time, and I finally decided to make one of my own! I had an old IKEA frame that I bought a while ago and had yet to find a good use for it. So with a little craftiness, some colored cardstock, a little sketch done by me and a nail to hang it on... we have an adorable new piece of customizable art in our bathroom. So cute!

{diy dry erase artwork}

Colored cardstock
Frame (5x7 opening)
Paper cutter
Double sided tape
Pens/ colored pencils

I created a framed photo by cutting out black cardstock to 5x7, then cutting red cardstock slightly smaller to create a border, then white cardstock slightly smaller than the red. I attached everything with double-sided tape and sketched out my artwork on the white cardstock.

I drew lines with the ruler and a pen and colored in my artwork with colored pencil. Then it went into the frame and into the bathroom!

You can write whatever you like on the glass of the frame with a dry-erase marker. All it takes is a little tissue paper to wipe off what you've written and start again! Have fun! :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

{eleven things}

If you've been keeping up with the blogs of Julie Ann Art, Wonder Forest, and Yellow Heart Art, to name a few, you may have seen this "11 Things" post going around. It's a fun way to share with readers those random fun tidbits that make you, you.

I thought I'd join in the game and give you all a fun taste of what makes me tick. Enjoy, and please play along! :)

1. I love, love love adaptations of fairy tales. I don't know why, but any kind of story or adaptation is totally my cup of tea. My favorite re-tellings are of Cinderella and Peter Pan (there are so many clever spins you can put on these classic tales!), but heck, I love 'em all. My new favorite TV show is Once Upon a Time on ABC. If you haven't seen it yet, you should... it's addicting.

2. I experience deja vous like, all the time. Science tells us it's probably caused by a brain mix-up of long term and short term memories, but it sounds way cooler to tell people I can predict the future.

3. I'm kind of, slightly, more-or-less, neurotically OCD. I love organizing closets and other spaces, and my perfectionist tendencies drive some people nuts. When I used to work in a retail clothing department, I got somewhat compulsive about turning all the clothing hangers the same direction. A symmetrical life makes everyone happier, people, trust me.

4. The phone is my enemy. Unless you have something specific to say to me, I don't want to talk to you on the phone. No offense. It just makes me feel weirdly awkward. I will go to great lengths to avoid talking on the phone, especially to people I don't know. I'll either con Tanner into making appointments and calling customer services for me, or I'll show up in person to get things accomplished.

5. I love puzzles and crosswords. I love logic games like Euchre, Trivial Pursuit, Spades, Code 777, and Mastermind. I could fill a book with all the random facts I can spout off at any one moment, on totally random subjects. Is this an important life skill? Definitely not. Does it improve my chances of winning Jeopardy? Totally.

6. I'm a complete master/nerd in the following subjects: British history. Musical Theatre. Astronomy. Star Wars. My Jeopardy triumph (see #5) would be secured with any of these topics.

7. I eat pizza with a fork and knife. I eat Mini Wheats in sets of three. I blow the bubbles away from my milk before drinking. I like the heels of bread loaves. On occasion, I eat cold oatmeal. I like bananas but not banana-flavored things. I love anything lemon. I could live on bread and bread alone. Mmmmm.

8. Despite my many happy years working in the theatre industry, I absolute hate talking in front of people. I will have panic attacks, talk too fast, and freak out the entire time. The funny thing is, I'm really good at hiding it: people tell me I'm awesome at giving presentations and doing interviews. Let it be known, however, that I would rather drive blunt objects into my eyes than be the center of attention.

9. I've been keeping journals all my life. In college I started keeping a "quotes journal" of all the hilarious things my friends say on a daily basis. After 10 years it's 160 pages long and still cracks me up.

10. I'm not a very touchy-feely person. I come from a big ol' family of huggers and emoters, but tragically, that's not me. I have a personal bubble of two feet and I tend to be rather stoic about my emotions. People often take my quietness to mean I'm not having a good time, when really I'm having a great time. I just tend to observe much more than I participate. It doesn't mean I love you any less. ;)

11. I read incredibly fast. I can go through a good chunky-sized novel in a day if I'm enjoying it. I read the entire Harry Potter series and the entire Dark Tower series in a week. When I started dating Tanner, I finally found someone who reads faster than me. The two of us could decimate an entire bookstore in a month. The sheer amount of tomes in our house warrants a library someday.

So that's it! If you want to hear more weird quirks about me, check out this post about finding your strengths.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{snowstorms, birthdays, and giant cupcakes}

Hello lovely readers! I had a fabulous birthday weekend, thanks for asking! I have to say, though, I'm at that age where birthdays are starting to get strange. For the past year or so I've run into an odd realization: I'm starting to forget how old I am. When people ask, I have to think for a second before answering. Wait, am I 27 or 28? It's come to the point where I have to do math in my head, just to be sure. (My cheat is that I subtract 4 from the last number of the year, on a scale of 1-10.... ie, 2012 = 2 - 4 = 8. As in, you count back 2, 1, 0, 9, 8. So for this particular decade, 8 = 28 years old. Weird, I know, but it has always worked for me.)

Now that I'm officially 28, I find it unnerving that I'm almost 30. Isn't 30 that age where you're supposed to have life figured out, and stuff? I mean, all my friends are starting to get married, or having kids, or have real jobs, and half the time I feel like I still tell people, when I grow up, I want to be an artist and travel the world.

Ah, well. There's still plenty of time to cast off the "real world" and go exploring.

Speaking of exploring, this weekend Tanner and I hopped in the car and spent a few days up in rainy, lovely Washington. Our weekend was full of traveling, skiing, and visiting family that I haven't seen in a long time. I mean, like ten years. Crazy. It was fun to visit my aunt and my cousins, who I remember being little kids and are now in high school and college. Birthdays serve to remind us how quickly time flies...

Photo recap time! The first set is from Saturday when Tanner and I skied at Crystal Mountain -- a gorgeous resort, with towering mountains all around that cup you in an expansive bowl of snow and slope. So different from Mount Hood's open face, and so beautiful. The second set is our trip north of Seattle to visit family and their adorable home along the foggy, misty shores of Puget Sound.

It's my cousin Audrey's birthday this week too, so my aunt made us a giant cupcake to celebrate. (Yes, that is a regular dinner-sized plate.) Winning!

P.S.- this is the gift Tanner got me for my birthday. He was totally clever and went to my favorites page on my Etsy site to find this gorgeous mug that I have been talking about for weeks. It came all adorably wrapped and with a note from the artist for my birthday. I'm in love! (With Tanner, too!) ;)
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