Monday, April 16, 2012

{home decorating style quiz}

I love a good online style quiz. This one from Sproost is super fun. I liked watching all my styles get eliminated one by one in the bottom right hand corner, but it also annoyed me because I wanted to know which ones I was eliminating. (I'm one of those annoying customers in stores who has to know ALL my options before I can make an informed buying decision.)

Actually, the first time I took the quiz I answered "hated it" to almost every single picture (they all looked like upholstered furniture pieces from 1901... gag me), but it somehow still managed to peg my style pretty perfectly.

I was 50% Rustic revival, 25% Nantucket style and 25% Cottage Chic. Yep! Sign me up for some cozy furniture in neutral colors, light, airy big windows and some homey "rustic" add-ins (flee-market coffee tables... wooden shutters... wrought iron... woven rope decor...) to make the place feel like something straight from small-town country. Nantucket style and Cottage chic managed to touch on those sea-inspired themes I couldn't help but "love." :)

I made Tanner take it after me, and he yelled "LOVE IT!" to every picture that involved one of the following themes: Stone fireplace. Wooden furniture. Some showing of antlers/ bear skin/ patterned upholstery. His style turned out to be 100% "Mountain Lodge." Shocker.

Take the quiz for yourself here!

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