Monday, April 2, 2012

{april fools 2012!}

Yesterday was everyone's favorite internet day! April 1st... where the many clever geniuses who hack away at their computers come up with some ridiculous, hilarious, and somehow... plausible... pranks to play on us internet surfers!

Here's my personal top ten countdown, just in case you missed them. The majority of these go to Goodle, because let's face it... the people at Google are hilarious. Or have too much time on their hands. It's a toss up.

(Psst... check out {this post} to see last year's April Fools!)

10. Kodak LIVEprint. Why print pictures when you can print KITTENS? As the ad says, "Select a breed... wait 90 seconds... fall in love."
And coming soon: LIVEprint at home, and LIVEprint LARGE, where you can print out your very own elephant. Score!

9. Etsy acquires Portland. In my daily Etsy Finds email, I was delighted to see that the subject of the day was "Portlandia", calling out homemade goodies that had "put a bird on it" and "dreams of the 90s." And I discovered one other thing: a notice saying that Etsy was going to acquire the city of Portland and help turn the economy around by employing all the crafty hippies in the city to help produce homemade knit iPod cozies. As Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson says, “By empowering marginalized art school dropouts, bloggers and bass guitarists in the creation of quality goods, we’re lifting them out of poverty, and that’s a wonderful thing. And if they decide to spend their newfound income on our rejuvenating placenta-and-agave body butter, well, that’s even better.”
I'm for it. Sign me up!

8. Google Analytics Interplanetary Reporting. Bloggers know that the most useful tool for tracking blog traffic is Google Analytics. But until now, those visitors from outside our planet were being sadly neglected. Not anymore! Now the new Analytics takes into account our interplanetary friends.
You may have to be a connoisseur of Analytics to get some of the techie jokes, but I personally laughed at the "bounce rates" from Moon visitors being "6 times higher than those from Earth."

7. Google Jargon Bot. Trying to decipher the latest work memo from your boss? Feel like your life is one big Dilbert comic strip? Fear no more! Google Jargon Bot deciphers all your work mumbo-jumbo, making daily interactions with coworkers a breeze. And, it's instantly integrated into all your Google apps! Check out the funny video clip on the site. :)

6. Google Really Advanced Search. Can't seem to narrow down those search perimeters? Is your Googling bringing back too many search hits, even while using the "advanced search"? What you need is Google's Really Advanced Search. It helps you find exactly what you're looking for by narrowing the field for you by: finding pages with... all of these words, any of these words, words almost but not quite entirely unlike, rhyming slang for, subtext or innuendo for... Or you can narrow your results by font type, textured background, or embarrassing grammatical faux pas. Take your pick!

5. YouTube Collection. Love YouTube but you have trouble with the internet? You're in luck! Now you can order the complete DVD YouTube collection for your home! It comes in 175 truck-loads and easily organized so you can find the exact video you're looking for. And since YouTube is constantly uploaded, you'll receive a new truck-load of videos every week. Want to interact with the videos? You can still leave comments and "thumbs up!" or "thumbs down!" by snail-mailing in the enclosed paper comment forms.

4. Reddit Timeline. Reddit takes you back and forward in time with posts that are just giggle-inducing. Try reading memes from the cretaceous period, from 42000 AD, or 800 BC. Just remember: "As you travel, please take care to abide by the cultural norms and practices of your time. Besides being a violation of intergalactic law, exposing past peoples to knowledge from the future can be extremely dangerous, and even risk temporal paradox."

3. Google Chrome Multitask. We only use 50% of our hands while using the computer, because we only have one mouse. But how much more could you accomplish if you had two mice? I could tell you more, but the video is so brilliant, I'll let it explain itself. Out of all Google's April Fools videos, this is one of my favorites. "To keep you from accidentally charging your credit card twice in online purchases, Chrome will automatically shut down your computer if your mouse arrows get too close." Haha!

2. Gmail Tap. Sometimes your fingers are just too fat to type the letter keys on your smartphone. So what's a person to do, with that urgent text message to send, and no quick way to send it? Gmail tap has the answer. It only needs two keys: a dot and a dash. By turning the entire alphabet into Morse Code, it makes texting faster, easier, and more multitasking than ever. (This promo video is laugh-out-loud funny, and features a cameo by LL Cool J!)

And the winner is...

1. Google maps for NES. If you were a child of the 80s or 90s, this one takes the cake for sure. Google has outdone itself with a NES version of Google Maps. Simply click on the "Quest" button at the top right of the map and you're instantly transported to an 8-bit world that is reminiscent of those awesome cartridge video games you used to play...
Have fun scrolling around in your little 8-bit world. And don't forget to check out the awesome promo ad. It's hilarious. ("Blow into the cartridge to fix bugs.") Love that startup music. Classy, Google!

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