Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{fall foliage hike}

Fall is here in Portland. Those rainy, overcast days and chilly, dark evenings are upon us. Fortunately, even when it's rainy and dark, hiking in the gorge is still a beautiful experience. With the fall colors starting to burst from the trees, it was a perfect day to stroll along the trails and drink in the color.

Friday, October 14, 2011

{dobra večer!}

Happy weekend to you all! Though I returned from my trip on Monday, I'm still suffering some odd bouts of jet lag, which causes me to go to bed at 8:00 pm, wake up at 4:00 am, and crash in the afternoon from 2:00-5:00 pm. This, I feel, will be detrimental to my work schedule when I return.

But despite the 46 hours of flying required to get me to and from Croatia, and a nine hour time difference, the trip was totally worth it.

Here's round two of the lovely countryside, and a wonderful cache of memories to take home. I will see you all on Monday for our regularly scheduled programming!


Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm back from Croatia! I had a wonderful time, and one that can't adequately be described. But here are some of the delightful moments we had:

Stopping every day at a local home for a garden-fresh lunch of goat cheese, tomatoes, and prosciutto; reveling in the crystal clear aqua waters of Plitvicka National Park; hiking through granite mountaintops in the middle of a torrential rain and lightning storm; paddling down a fifteen-foot-high waterfall (weee!); waking up to the view of the Adriatic from the porch; cycling through gorgeous sun-blasted countryside that reminded me of Tuscany; sleeping in a cozy home-stay village in the curve of a mountain valley; feeling like a local among the very friendly Croatians; hiking to a 400 year old alpine hut for a delicious homemade lunch and a song from Marijo; soaking in the thunderous waterfalls of Krka National Park; and making sixteen new best friends from around the country. Delightful, all around.

We also had two professionals accompany us on our trip: a photographer and a videographer. Watching them work everyday not only inspired my love for my own (amateur) photography, but reminded me how much I have yet to learn! I took over 1,000 photos in a week, but unfortunately was disappointed in a lot of them. Going from overcast Portland to bright, sunny Croatia made me negligent about constantly changing my iso and aperture settings, and a lot of my shots came out over-exposed. Still, I pared it down to about 50 so that you may fall in love with Croatia as much as I did. The first batch I'm posting today, and I'll put up the second half tomorrow.

Enjoy! Živjeli!

See more Darkroom adventures {here}.
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