Friday, June 10, 2011

{diy: shower curtain}

First of all, can I say how in love I am with this Anthropologie shower curtain? I mean, really. Freaking gorgeous.

Then again, the price on it is $118.... gulp. Just when I decided to stick with my own lacy, $20 curtain from Target, I discovered a clever blogger who made this beautiful ruffly creation from scratch!

{Elle Apparel} takes $20 worth of fabric, endless time and patience, and creates this amazing wonder:

When you're finished picking your jaw up off the floor, visit {her tutorial} and see how it's done! If you have more patience and sewing skills than I do, perhaps you can tackle this project. As for me, I think I'll continue admiring from afar. {love.}


  1. This is AMAZING! Although I don't sew and would never be able to recreate this... I can still stare and the pictures and swoon. :)

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