Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{diy: flour jars}

Do you remember my post about Repurposing Housewares, and how I wanted to turn my cabinet bookcase into a make-shift pantry?
Well, forget that. It was a good idea, but I was having a hard time finding things I wanted to fill the shelves with, and when I finally found the pretty glass containers for my flour and sugar, they ended up being too heavy to keep there.

Instead, I turned the bookshelf back into a bookshelf, filling it with coffee table books, cookbooks, and outdoor travel guides for any guest that happens to be browsing its contents. This has worked out well because Tanner and I own a lot of books. (14 boxes on our moving truck, and that was after we sold/ donated/ gave away half of them.) The bottom cabinet is still full of games, waiting to be played. Game night, anyone?

P.S.- the artwork in the dining room is going to change at some point. As much as I love Van Gogh's cafe painting, having a poster in my house makes me feel like I'm living in a dorm room. I still refuse to hang up Tanner's creepy Red Hot Chili Peppers poster, as much as he begs. (Sorry, babe.)

As for the jars, I found some lovely ones at the Container Store, and they now live happily on my kitchen bar, within easy reach of my cooking space. To label them I found some old scrapbooking tags in my paper collection, tied a ribbon through them, and labeled each appropriately. Adorable, practical, and just right for the space. Win!


  1. Love the jars with the ribbon tags! Great idea! And if we are complaining about too many books, here is my total: around 3 thousand books which translated into over 100 (extremely big and well filled) boxes, last time we moved. We have 8 bookshelves and still manage to have to put books in boxes for storage because of lack of shelving space. Sigh... Oh, and these books travelled with us from Portugal all the way to Canada. Yep, we like books that much :)

    1. Ooo you beat me, there! Though I'd own 1,000 books if I could! We have 6 very full bookcases in a very small apartment. I commend you for moving that many boxes all over the world... that's dedication! :)


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